💸Countdown to Blast Off: Get Ready for the Exciting $MMT Airdrop

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3 min readJan 31, 2023

It’s a new dawn for traders, and the airdrop is just the beginning! Get ready to experience the cutting-edge MetaTrader Leverage Trading platform🚀


  1. Have both stablecoin drops and token drops
  2. Level up on Discord for more airdrops 🔝
  3. Join in on the fun on Galxe & Crew3 🚀
  4. Bring friends to trade & earn more rewards 💰

Airdrop Campaign Woohoo…!!

As a Starship Commander, Future Strategist, or Quantum Analyst in our galaxy of traders, you’ll be at the forefront of the exciting world of airdrops.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the limitless potential of $MMT token distribution and unleash the power of uncapped earning opportunities 🚀💰

Airdrop worth of $85,000

$BUSD Drops

Our airdrop of 5,000 BUSD is set to boost your start and welcome you to the world of MMT. All you have to do is participate in a few simple tasks across our platforms, and voila! You’re in for a treat!

$MMT Token Airdrop Details

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be rewarding active and early users with a share of 5% of our total token supply, that’s a whopping 250,000 $MMT tokens up for grabs! 💰🎉

To qualify for these amazing airdrops, all you need to do is complete some simple tasks on our Crew3 and Galxe platforms, and rank up in our Discord Channel.

The $MMT airdrop will be announced before our token launch 48 hours💰

Our Discord Roles

👽 Ready for blast off? 🚀 Our Discord server is dividing up the airdrops 💰

1️⃣ Starship Commander: Market pro 💪
2️⃣ Future Strategist: Ahead of the game 🔮
3️⃣ Quantum Analyst: Tech wizard 🤖
4️⃣ Interstellar Broker: Spot opportunities 🔍
5️⃣ Galaxy Trader: Timing is everything ⏰
6️⃣ Cosmic Investor: Master of the universe 🌌

🚀Join the space race to the top of our Discord ranks! With each higher rank, you’ll earn more of our MMT airdrops 💰

Want to be ahead of the game? Here’s how:

Here’s a rundown of the platforms where you can join in the fun and be a part of this opportunity:

  1. Galxe is a great place to start your journey toward earning rewards.
  2. Join the Crew3 squad and boost your rank
  3. Keep an eye out on our Discord channel 📢 for updates!
  4. Stay tuned on Twitter for the latest happenings 🐦
  5. Join our ecosystem Degens for even more rewards 🤝
  6. Bring some friends and join the gangs!

Trick: 🔍 Keep your eyes peeled for special events on Crew3 and Galxe to boost your rank.

Participate Conditions

  1. Join our Discord Community and level up your rank!
  2. Participate in the tasks on Galxe and Crew3.
  3. Stay active and involved in our ecosystem.
  4. Spread the word and bring in your friends to trade with us.
  5. Play fair, no cheatin’ or hackin’ allowed! We’re watching 🔍 and any attempts will result in a ban 🚫 from the airdrops 💰 and community.

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